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Dr. Jennifer Bonnett

Dr. Bonnett is a practising family physician in Woodstock, Ontario. In 2004, she expanded her practice to include Cosmetic Care. She began with Botox injections, added Laser Hair Removal and then hired Beth. Since 2009, the cosmetic practice has grown to include more injectables, several more lasers, a full product line, and so much more. When she’s not working, Dr. Bonnett and her husband have their hands full with their 2 young boys and their dog, Agnes.

What do I love about Dr. Bonnett Cosmetic Care? 

"There are so many things! 

Our treatments and products are a less invasive way to do cosmetic procedures;  of course, we all continue to age but we can age gracefully and feel our very best. I love that we can empower women by helping them improve their self-esteem!

Doing injectables is a great compliment to my artistic side in the field of medicine.  I love to help shape the faces of my clients into fresher versions of themselves.

And, of course, it’s the relationships that develop with our clients that make it most worthwhile."

Beth Allison

Beth became a trained laser technician and joined Dr. Bonnett in 2009.  Prior to moving to Woodstock, she worked as an Executive Director of 5 children’s summer camps in Muskoka.  She also owns a business with her husband, Travis, and frequently speaks at conferences.  Her passion is building self-esteem and building community.  Her 2 boys are grown and out on their own now but Maverick, their corgi-husky cross, keeps life interesting.

"I love getting to know our clients - celebrating their milestones, encouraging them through their challenges, hearing all about their career moves, their children, their grandchildren. Seeing that trust that develops between us over time, that's what it's all about."

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does it matter that Jennifer Bonnett is a physician?

You only have 1 skin and we understand how important it is to feel confident with the people performing your treatments and caring for you all the way through your journey.  

Dr. Bonnett and her laser technician, Beth Allison, are well trained, attend regular conferences and sessions to update their skills and stay abreast of any technological advances in the field of cosmetic care. Knowing a trained and experienced physician is reviewing any and all treatment plans and is available to answer questions or concerns, gives our clients confidence in the care they receive.

Why do you only sell VivierSkin products?

We have tried other product lines but have had such a positive experience with Vivier Pharma. It is not only their pharmaceutical approach to skincare and their use of the highest quality products but they way they treat their customers and deal with any issues. Andrew Judge, our Vivier Pharma representative is truly one of the nicest people we have ever met and is always there to support and guide us. Vivier’s passion for skincare helps us make a positive impact on our clients’ skin!